Matthew Jaber Stiffler, Researcher at AANM
April 15, 2011
By Matthew Jaber Stiffler, AANM Researcher One of the first questions people ask me when they find out that I have travelled through the Arab world is, "Weren’t you scared?" I get this question from family members and friends, students, and even visitors to the Arab American National Museum. I never take offense to the question, and I never fault the person for asking it. Based on the amount and type of information available in the United States about the Arab world, it makes complete sense that the majority of Americans would view Arab countries and their people as violent.
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Janice Freij, Curator of Education
April 10, 2011
By Janice Freij, Curator of Education at the AANM  Although I grew up in a predominately homogenous suburb where most of my friends were non-Arab, I rarely felt that I was "different". Sure I was darker than most of the students in school, and brought foods to the lunchroom that often triggered disgusted looks and whispers, but otherwise, I felt like a normal kid. It wasn't until ninth grade that I discovered how different I really was. Let me rephrase that. Ninth grade was when I realized how different I really was in the eyes of other students.
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